Metal Painting​

Metal Painting​

The Art Of Metal Painting​

Quite different from painting your other conventional surfaces, metal painting is a lot more challenging. 

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Gateway Painting’s commercial services meet the challenge head-on and give your metal component an aesthetically pleasing look. We seldom take chances while painting as metal is prone to oxidation and rust. Our technical veterans use high-quality formulated paint for metals to prevent them from rusting and weathering.

​Gateway Painting keeps the environment in mind and dispatches painting services that abide by environment-friendly methods. Our first-rate paint forms a protective covering that mitigates corrosive elements forming on your metal surfaces. This has helped us deliver metals of the highest durability and lustrous appearance. 

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Metal Painting​

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Perfecting Through Primers

Metals are vulnerable when exposed to the natural environment, which takes away their gleaming appearance and degrades their quality over time. This is why primers are crucial when it comes to painting metal surfaces. Primer acts as an adhesive material that protects your metal surfaces from corrosion. If the metal surface is rusted, we scrape off all the dust, grease and rust prevalent on the metal component and coat it with a layer of zinc primer. If the metal isn’t rusted, we apply a full-body primer. We ensure that your metal surface circumvents any problems that lead to degradation and retain a healthy and beautiful shine to your metal components.

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The Impressive Metal Paints

Gateway Painting imparts a glistening metal look to your metal surfaces. The metal paints we use are of the highest order, and they create a flawless and trendy appearance for your business. We help you create an aesthetic that helps you elevate your market value. Different kinds of textures, boating high-glitter or silky finish are available at your disposal. These metal paints are also water-based and can be applied to walls, furnishings as well as accessories. If you are an artistic one, you can opt for trendy patterns, including blossoms, inferno, silver fire, abstracts, curves, and many more with us. All in all, Gateway Painting has a solution for every one of your metal painting needs for your commercial business. 

Metal Painting​

The Domains
We Serve

  • Educational Institutions
  • Offices
  • Supermarkets
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Daycare Centers
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Metal Painting​

Our Articulate

Gateway Painting brings an articulate process to perfect the aspect of metal paint. Our professionals focus on prepping elements first to set the stage for painting your metals. Here’s what we do:

  1. Remove the old flaking paint by hand wire brushing, sanding or scraping.
  2. Remove any prevailing rust by dipping it into an appropriate rust remover.
  3. Check if there are any holes in the metal and rectify them by sanding the area, reaching until the bare metal and wiping it with a degreaser mixed with mineral spirits.
  4. Apply water-based or oil-based primer, depending on the type of paint we use for your metals.
  5. Utilize spray paint or brush paint and apply paints that create a long-lasting finish. For durable results, we apply a much thicker layer of paint with consistent stokes.  

Hear From Our Happy Clients

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Gateway Painting did the trim of my house this summer. They did an excellent job - thorough, clean, and quality work. I appreciated that they came when they said they would, it took as long as they said it would, and it cost what they said it would. So appreciate the consistency.

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I hired Gateway Painting to do a tough job in the kitchen of a 115 year old house. The quality of the mudding and painting was beyond my expectations and was very reasonably priced. The space was left very clean. I highly recommend this team!

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Gateway Painting blends versatility and precision in our metal painting projects to offer you an immaculate metal component for your business. Reach out to us to know more.