Deck, Fence & ​Porch Staining

The wooden elements of your house exteriors bear the onslaught of changing seasons and inclement weather due to their outdoor positions.

Door Painting​

Gateway Painting’s commercial services meet the challenge head-on and give your metal component an aesthetically pleasing look.

Painting Services ​& Projects

If you are thinking of giving an immaculate exterior makeover for your property, you have landed in the right place. Gateway Painting comes with a veteran team of professionals that embellish your exteriors.

Pressure Washing

There is only so much you can do to prevent your house exteriors from external exposure. All the surrounding dust, grime, dirt and other debris envelope your outer decks, fences or porch and takes their shine away.

Spray Painting

Every home element needs a makeover once in a while, especially if these elements belong in outdoor spaces. Exterior house materials are susceptible to wear and tear throughout the seasons.

Stain And Varnish

Your house and commercial exteriors are at the forefront of creating an impression about the property. A faded exterior of your property elements can put a damper on your clients or visitors.

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