Commercial Painting For Your Business

Revitalize your business space with Gateway Painting’s exceptional commercial painting services, proudly serving Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, and Leduc. Renowned for our skilled craftsmanship and reliability, we specialize in creating the ideal aesthetic for your commercial needs. Our team meticulously selects color palettes, textures, and designs that align perfectly with your business identity.

Our extensive technical expertise in commercial painting ensures not only a flawless finish but also the durability of our work. We use premium quality paints and state-of-the-art equipment, striving for maximum efficiency with minimal disruption to your business operations. At Gateway Painting, we value strong client relationships and guarantee your satisfaction with our top-notch painting services.

Understanding that each commercial painting project is unique, Gateway Painting offers flexible, professional solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to refresh your office, retail space, or any other commercial establishment in the Edmonton area, our team is committed to delivering the best results with our exceptional painting services.

The Myriad Of Commercial Properties We Ace

Students chatting and walking up the white staircase in a school.
Educational Institutions

Our services offer expert commercial painting facilities in every aspect of schools and colleges. We bring high-quality paints and precision to the institution’s classrooms, buildings, hallways and auditoriums, to name a few.

Spacious office with minimalist design, large windows, and indoor plants.

​Office space is important for work efficiency, and with that in mind, we paint such a space that will fit your business requirements. Our diligent team customizes your office so that all the employers and employees would love to work with you.

Quaint white church with a steeple, against a blue sky at sunset.

​Our commercial painters offer churches that look you want to have, be it historical or contemporary. We deliver the colors that maintain a calm environment in its interiors and follow through with any ideas you might want to include. 

Woman checking smartphone with shopping cart against yellow wall.

​Due to heavy daily footfall, your supermarket can go through a lot of wear and tear. Our painting experts retain the shine of your supermarkets and return them to their former glory.

Fully equipped operating room with surgical table and overhead lights.

Our professionals establish a serene interior space with our minimal color palettes within the hospitals. The lighter color schemes can help you make any room bigger on the eyes. 

Industrial white warehouses with large doors and horizontal windows.

​Warehouses mostly consist of monochrome and low-quality palettes, but with us, you can do more. We apply premium and durable paints on them to ensure that they don’t wear easily over time.

Daycare Centers

​Colors are constantly influencing the minds of infants. This is why our professionals take extra care in painting these daycare centers so that they have a healthy effect on the kids and establish a warm environment in your facility.


Our top-tier painting crew delivers the aesthetic your restaurant wants to create. With us, you can go in any direction, whether it is opulent designs or minimalistic tones. Our experts provide you with crucial suggestions that will elevate the look of your restaurant.

Hear From Our Happy Clients

This is my first best experience of hiring a painting contractor. I hired Gateway Painting for my new house. Joe has wonderful color ideas and a great vision for understanding what will look good. The Gateway Painting family were easy to work with, honest, punctual, responsible, reliable, professional, high quality work and affordable. I highly recommend them.
Best painters ever! They came in and worked very carefully, covered up everything so there was no mess. They were very professional and I would highly recommend them!

Our Painting Services

Contemporary two-story residence with contrasting textures and an open garage.


There is no place like home, so why not make it the perfect place to spend your life? Gateway Painting brings in premium quality colors and services.

Modern building with large glass windows and wooden panel overhangs.


​Manifesting a perfect setting and appearance for your commercial services is up for grabs with our impeccable painting services. ​

Architectural modern home with dark facade, large windows, and manicured garden.


Gateway Painting is the one-stop source that provides you with a complete painting makeover of your house, no matter which corner you may want to revamp.

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Small or large, we accommodate all kinds of painting projects. Reach out to us if you’re looking to upgrade the look of your rooms or repaint your entire house!