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Joe, 36, is a veteran painting virtuoso who brought his decade-old experience to Canada and has been in the business for the last fifteen years. His expertise spans across a spectrum of painting services that provide high-quality painting jobs to residential and commercial units. Maintaining a perfect creativity streak, Joe drives the idea of innovation forward. He introduces unique ideas and designs to every corner of your property, from intricate works of crown molding to painting the toughest of areas. Whether it is the harmony of colors or varnishing and staining, he executes it with perfection.

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Residential, Commercial, Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists, Edmonton

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About Gateway Painting

A gateway to creativity through painting, our services provide top-notch designs, premium quality colors and excellent services. Gateway Painting integrates both traditional and contemporary painting designs to bring the best of every world to you. If you wish for a minimalist touch, we present you with ideas that suit your taste. If you want some affluent tones, we are more than happy to give you exactly that. You can choose from a variety of textures, designs, colors, and even murals to paint your interiors with us. Our professionals carry out a well-detailed job right from smoothening the wall with primers until it’s fit for painting to the final finish.

​Our expertise goes beyond traditional painting techniques. Our modern equipment and decades of hands-on experience allow us to deliver a credible painting job to your property, be it your interiors or exteriors. We manage your porch, fence and other exteriors with suitable painting or staining jobs with a myriad of colours. Interior elements that require intricate painting, such as stairs and ceilings, can be easily done through our efficient painting ways. Whether it is a large-scale or small-scale painting work, we complete it in minimum downtime. Our environmental-friendly ways drive sustainability forward and create green projects for a better future.

We design a place where you can seek comfort in.

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Gateway Painting | Residential Services

There is no place like home, so why not make it the perfect place to spend your life? Gateway Painting brings in premium quality colors and services.

Gateway Painting | Commercial Services

​Manifesting a perfect setting and appearance for your commercial services is up for grabs with our impeccable painting services. ​

Gateway Painting | Exterior Services

Gateway Painting is the one-stop source that provides you with a complete painting makeover of your house, no matter which corner you may want to revamp. 

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Small or large, we accommodate all kinds of painting projects. Reach out to us if you’re looking to upgrade the look of your rooms or repaint your entire house!