Spray Painting

Spray Painting

Spray Painting For Exquisite Exteriors

Every home element needs a makeover once in a while, especially if these elements belong in outdoor spaces. Exterior house materials are susceptible to wear and tear throughout the seasons. Gateway Painting’s exterior spray painting services help you retain the glory of your house exteriors. 

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Our experts are proficient in delivering top-tier quality spray painting work for all outdoor elements. We surpass your expectations when it comes to adding a new shine to your home and giving a completely refurbished look. We lend an ear to your house worries and requirements and inculcate the same in our work. Gateway Painting follows a streamlined approach that completes your project in due time with maximum precision. Our high-end equipment follows every minute detailing and adds the best styles to your home. The people of Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park and Leduc can avail of our spray painting services to make their exteriors elegant.

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Spray Painting

Areas Where You Can Use Spray Paint

Spray painting is not just for your doors or windows, but it can be utilized for a variety of other things. Spray painting modernizes outdoor elements and circumvents any allergens or corrosion forming on them. Here are a few of the many spray painting ap
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Doors And Windows

Spray painting doors and windows is one of the most rewarding things you can do for your house. Spray painting can give them an entirely different look or just align with the look want to create. You can go for rustic appearances if you are old-school or contemporary shades to update your house look.

Exterior Garage Door Spray painting Service
Garage Doors 

Often neglected, garage doors are in dire need of spray paint to keep the pollutants at bay. Our paints protect garage doors from exposure to UV light and rough weather conditions. In any circumstances, we ensure that our paint adheres to the surface and brings longevity. 

Exterior Fence and Porch Spray Painters
Fences And Porch

Fences and porch are the highlights of your house entrance. Keeping them in proper shape matters the most. Imagine your stark white fences obscured with dust and dirt! To rectify this and make a greater impression, spray paint works wonders. Moreover, before painting ensues, we also pressure wash your porch so that it's rid of all the allergens, mold and mildew. This is how you get a healthy and shining porch when we complete our finishing touches.

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Outdoor Elements

Due to their outdoor exposure, exterior furniture can fall prey to corrosion and rust easily. Fortunately, you can avoid this by spray painting these elements. In fact, the primary purpose of spray painting is to prevent the materials from corrosion and rust. We spray paint exterior furniture, such as patio tables or chairs, so you can enjoy your soiree without catching any allergens. Our painting experts spray paint your deck and its rails without leaving any nook or cranny. 


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I had Joe do an entire character house needing TLC. Mudded, tapped and skim coated all the old walls. Turned out fantastic. He works independently, reliably, and will do long hours if necessary. Thanks Joe.

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I have hired Joe for several jobs - commercial and residential. He did a fantastic job every time! His prices were fair; he left everything clean and tidy. He was punctual and finished the jobs on time. No surprises. I would highly recommend him.

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