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Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Adding Colors To Your Life

​There is no place like home, so why not make it the perfect place to spend your life? Gateway Painting brings in premium quality colors and services that leave behind the most lavish walls and interiors. Our expertise goes beyond traditional painting designs and brings the best of every world to you. If you wish for a minimalist touch, we present you with ideas that suit your taste. ​

Gateway Painting | Interior Painting Services

If you want some affluent tones, we are more than happy to give you exactly that. You can choose from a variety of textures, designs, colors, and even murals to paint your interiors.

​We execute the painting work carefully and ensure that no speck of paint is left behind on your other room elements, such as furniture or bedding. Where most of the services bid farewell once the job is done, we stick to you for any additional painting needs that you may require.

​Gateway Painting comes with a top-tier hands-on experience in the area of painting and aims to deliver the most gorgeous interiors. 

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Interior Painting

Residential or Commercial Interior Painting

Is the one-stop source that provides you with a complete painting makeover of your house, no matter which corner you may want to revamp. We provide consultations along with taking your suggestions into consideration and ace them with immaculate finishing.
Gateway Painting | Interior Painting Living Room
​Living Room

The living room is the focus of your home, and we pitch in our best color ideas to make it grander. We ensure that the color scheme you want to pick goes with the furniture, curtains or carpet so that there is no room for inconsistencies. Our color techniques entail that maximum light comes into your living rooms, and those colors and designs don’t wear off for a long time. 

Bedroom Interior Painting | Gateway Painting

We bring your vision of a beautiful bedroom to life as we paint it to every last detail. From the master bedroom to the kids' room, our services enhance the appearance with your much-wanted custom texturing or modern wallpapers. Each color entails something unique, and this is where we shine. We understand your bedroom requirements, whether it is light colors to make it look bigger or sophisticated ones to make the room appear comfortable. Safe to say, we do it all!

Closet Painting | Gateway Painting Edmonton

Closets are one of the most important areas of any room as they not only help you store things, avoiding clutter in your room, but also stand out when given a beautiful shine with a fresh coat of paint. We help you pick the right color for your closets, depending on the room, usage, size and type of closet, and give it a perfect finish so it livens up the appearance of the room.  

​Bathroom Painting | Interior Painters Edmonton

We understand that the bathroom is the most private space in your house. Hence, we ensure that our fresh coat of paint gives it an attractive look and comfortable feel. Once our work is done, your bathroom will feel more welcoming while paints will also withstand water exposure for years to come. 

Interior Vanity Painting | Gateway Painting

The vanity is often overlooked when painting the bedroom or the bathroom. However, if you decide to DIY, there are chances of paint spills or uneven shades, making your vanity look unattractive. With our help, you can be sure that your vanity is in pristine condition and meets your expectations. Our paints will keep it looking fresh for years to come. 

Garage Painting Services | Gateway Painting

The garage might not be your priority, but we take your house’s every nook and cranny into consideration. With us, you can opt for a fancy-looking garage or even a simplistic painting job, all within your budget. Our versatile professionals fulfill your every demand. 

Basement Painters Edmonton | Gateway Paintings

Our fine quality of paint ensures more than it lets on. Your basement being at a lower level can incidentally mean leakages and back-ups during rough weather. But Gateway Painting prepares your basement for such a situation. Our paint sticks to your walls through the toughest of weather. Moreover, we also paint your basements depending on your needs, whether it is used for a game room or a spare bedroom. 

Crown Moulding | Interior Painting Company
Crown Moulding

One of the effortless ways to elevate the look of your interiors is to bring crown moulding to the table. Crown mouldings are subtle yet elegant on the ceilings. This job requires intricate work and detailing, which Gateway Painting aces. 


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Karen Matthews

We couldn't be happier with our newly painted house! An outstanding professional piece of work! The Gateway Painting family pay attention to details. The expertise in their job, punctuality, reliability, and professionalism are key marks of their work! I highly recommend them!

Gateway Painting | Testimonials | Image

I hired Gateway Painting to do a tough job in the kitchen of a 115 year old house. The quality of the mudding and painting was beyond my expectations and was very reasonably priced. The space was left very clean. I highly recommend this team!

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Taking up an interior project for your home is quite challenging, but the catch is that you should know whom to reach out to. Look no further and connect with Gateway Services for an unparalleled crown molding job in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Leduc and St. Albert.