Stain And Varnish

Stain And Varnish

Staining And Varnishing The Exteriors

Your house and commercial exteriors are at the forefront of creating an impression about the property. A faded exterior of your property elements can put a damper on your clients or visitors. Hence, staining and varnishing the wooden components will work in your property’s favor immensely. Gateway Painting brings its staining and varnishing services to preserve the shine and quality of the wood. Our experts stain the new wooden components to provide a perfect look that complements your property. We also recommend applying a sealer over the stain so that the wood receives maximum protection from any external harm.

Stain and Varnish Exterior Painting | Gateway Painting

Our team leads all your projects with utmost precision and transforms any old piece of wood or antique. With staining and varnishing touch-ups, the final product looks newer and shinier. With the usual wear and tear on your commercial properties, you would definitely need to stain and varnish the wood. If you desire to change it into a new style for your home, office, restaurant or school, we respond and execute it enthusiastically. Our experts carry out varnishing after staining the wood, which enhances the look of your wood extensively and preserves it. Our work speaks for us as it sports durability and lasts for years to follow.

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Stain And Varnish

Commercial stain and varnish painting service
Commercial Stain And Varnish

We cater to every commercial service in need of staining and varnishing. If your outdoor restaurant sitting needs wooden refurnishing, your office desk needs a touch-up, or your school’s wooden floors need a new look, we are here for it. Our staining seeps into the wood and adheres to the elements like a second skin. We streamline our work from planning to execution and help you fan your business. We understand the time limitations and complete the process well within the scheduled time. ​

Exterior stain and varnish painting contractors
Residential Stain And Varnish

We don’t dive right into the staining and varnishing part. Instead, we note everything you need, right from designs to finishing. We supply various textures to enhance the look of your property and increase the durability of these wooden components. Our industry experts stain and varnish the floors to deliver structural integrity and eliminate corrosive elements, which maintain the health of your property occupants. You can ask for any type of stain colors that you want to incorporate on either your porch, deck or patio, and we will readily supply them to you. 

Stain And Varnish

Areas That Use
Stains And Varnishes

​The applications of staining and varnishing are wide. Unlike paint, this process not only covers the outer layer but also seeps into the wood to provide an overall robust structure. If the wooden component has any flaws like holes or chipped surfaces, we sand and smoothen it significantly to give it a uniform surface. This makes the staining and varnishing easier to apply and gives it a perfect finishing. Here are some of the applications: 

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Porches
  • Fences
Stains And Varnishes Painters Edmonton

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Truly an amazing job was done, extremely punctual and dedicated to the project. The painting was done perfectly and was even and lined up to the ceiling and walls. Truly a great company, I would recommend to anyone looking for a painter!

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Joe is a man of integrity who takes great pride in his work. He shows you each phase he completes so you can see his detailed work. I am happy to recommend his company!

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