Door Painting​

Door Painting​

A Welcoming Door For Your Home

Getting a makeover for your door is one of the most effortless ways to elevate the appearance of your house. Since the door is a gateway to your home, it can convey a lot about your interiors. For a welcoming and gleaming door, Gateway Painting’s exterior services give it the upgraded look it needs.  

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Our highly skilled professionals deliver an immaculate painting job that leaves no faults. We can upturn your outdated doors, whether traditional, sliding pocket or French doors. At Gateway Painting, we provide inspections of your doors and prepare them for painting. We aim to bring you the best consultations for your door colors and create efficient budgeting for your project. Our close collaboration with our clients and commitment to work make Gateway Painting the leading painting service in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park and Leduc.

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Door Painting​

Why Should You Paint Your Doors?

We follow a seamless planning and execution process that streamlines every step and delivers your project well within time. Before staining, the wood should be ready for use. Here are the following steps that prepare the wood for exterior use:
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To Enhance Appearance 

It goes without saying that a painting job can transform your old, dull door paint into a brand new and modern look. You can also stain and varnish your wooden door for an affluent finish. 

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To Inculcate Longevity

Painting the surfaces of your door wards off any prevailing corrosion and prevents any harm to the natural environment. Staining and varnishing seep into your wooden doors and maintain a healthy state for a long time. 

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To Promote Functionality

Taking up a painting project can bring other flaws of your property door to your attention. You can witness hinges, rots, corrosion or struts in the doors that have gone without any maintenance. 

Door Painting​


The entrance to your house is what people first look at during a visit, and incorporating a beautiful design for your door then becomes essential. Gateway Painting offers a wide variety of door designs and colors to choose from. We take your outworn doors and transform them into contemporary ones. With us, you have the freedom to choose the style you want to create for your entrance. Whether you want an archaic vibe, a modern rendition of your older door style or even a minimalist tone, we do it all. Our wide variety of color schemes can deliver a bright and gleaming look that can have an imposing effect, or you can even opt for the unimposing neutral ones. With Gateway Painting, go for timeless looks and perfect finishes. 

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Door Painting​


Garage doors are overlooked by a majority of people. But what they don’t understand is that garage doors are exposed to inclement weather and pollutants. Negligence to these issues can cause significant damage to these doors. Gateway Painting gives your garage doors the protection they need. Our finest paints shield from any external reactions, protecting the door from UV rays and eliminating other allergens. We have painted countless residential and commercial garage doors in a streamlined execution without compromising the quality of our work. Our expertise offers painting for all types of garage doors, including steel, aluminum, glass, wood and vinyl. 

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Quick, reasonable, great communication and quality work. Joe paid great attention to the job and I am very happy with it!

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They did excellent work painting the interior of my house. Clean, quick, quality work for a good price! I've seen a commercial job they did and that was excellent, too. I would definitely use them again!

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