Deck, Fence & ​Porch Staining

Deck, Fence & ​Porch Staining

Deck, Fence & Porch Staining

The wooden elements of your house exteriors bear the onslaught of changing seasons and inclement weather due to their outdoor positions. That’s why maintaining them is the toughest.  However, our skilled professionals at Gateway Painting retain every lost shine of your exteriors, be it the deck, fence or porch. 

deck, fence and porch staining service

Our near-perfect staining and painting have helped us emerge as the leading exterior painting services in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park and Leduc.

​We use the best painting materials and weatherproof paints to ensure that your outdoor elements don’t fall prey to rough weather. Our quality of work speaks for itself as we have countless clients satisfied with our immaculate staining and finishing. 

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Deck, Fence & ​Porch Staining

​Our Methodology

We follow a seamless planning and execution process that streamlines every step and delivers your project well within time. Before staining, the wood should be ready for use. Here are the following steps that prepare the wood for exterior use:
Exterior Cleaning Deck, Fence & ​Porch Staining

The constant exposure to outside circumstances can attract grime, dirt and other debris to settle on the wood. Our professionals power wash the deck or porch with a pressure washer and remove the peeling paint by scraping the wooden surface. ​

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If there are any flaws in your wooden surface, like holes, sanding rectifies them. By sanding, we create a smooth surface that is suitable for staining. 

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​Our experts prepare the area and exterior surfaces by marking the edges with painter's tape. We assemble all the equipment, such as brushes, paints, rollers, etc.

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​Finally, according to the product label, we stain the surfaces with keen detailing and let them dry for a sufficient time. 

Deck, Fence & ​Porch Staining

Deck Staining And Painting For
Beautiful Exteriors

Your deck is the pride of your house exterior, and you would want it in a top-grade condition. Gateway Painting’s exterior services offer deck staining to renew the glory of your deck. We plan your project according to your requirements and provide our expertise to enhance the job. We ensure that the wood is cleaned and sanded thoroughly before painting to maintain the deck's integrity. You can choose from a variety of wood paints, such as cedar, honey maple, ebony and more, to create an aesthetically appealing look for your deck. We will also varnish your deck for superior protection and finish. 

Deck, Fence and Porch exterior painting
Deck, Fence & ​Porch Staining

Fence And Porch Staining For An
Impressive Look
We Do

Creating an appealing exterior is like playing to your strengths when increasing your property value. The first thing visitors would see is the house’s fence and porch while entering. Gateway Painting assists you in achieving the best possible look for your house fence and porch. We enlist a variety of painting options that suits the aesthetic you want to create. We consult darker shades for your exterior as they provide maximum protection from UV rays. To take better care of the wood, we clean it by pressure washing and sand it if there are any imperfections. Your budgeting and suggestions are crucial to us, and we carry out your project keeping that in mind. 

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Hear From Our Happy Clients

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We couldn't be happier with our newly painted house! An outstanding professional piece of work! The Gateway Painting family pays attention to detail. The expertise and experience was obvious in their job. Punctuality, reliability and professionalism are key marks of their work! I highly recommend them…

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Joe and his team did a great job painting our house. Joe was punctual and made it clear that he wanted us to be pleased with the results. His attention to detail and knowledge about how to go about the project were extremely professional. We would certainly recommend Joe to anyone needing painting expertise!

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