Stain And Varnish​

Stain And Varnish​

Looking For Wood Refurnishing?

​Wood can lose its shine through the years, whether it's your office flooring or restaurant decks. Gateway Painting’s stain and varnishing services restore your wood to its former glory. Our services bring out your timber's natural color and texture to give it a luxurious characteristic. Even with a complicated process, we make staining and varnishing look seamless and carry out the process in the same way. We ensure that your project is executed and completed with minimum downtime and an immaculate finish within the speculated time. We get your work done to the minor details within a cost-effective budget.

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Our professionalism and hands-on expertise have helped us rise to the best commercial staining and varnishing services in Edmonton, St Albert, Sherwood Park and Leduc. We transform any old piece of wood or antique with staining and varnishing touch-ups so that the final product looks newer and shinier. With the usual wear and tear on your commercial properties, you would definitely need to stain and varnish the wood. If you desire to change it into a new style for your office, restaurant or school, we respond and execute it enthusiastically. Our experts carry out varnishing after staining the wood, which enhances the look of your wood extensively and preserves it. Our work speaks for us as it sports durability and lasts for years to follow. 

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Stain And Varnish​

Wood Staining and Varnishing Contractors
Staining The Wood 

We provide you with full staining services that include baseboard, crown moulding, doors and windows casing, and many more. You can go for a completely new look for your wooden elements. We provide you with a large spectrum of wood colors, including cedar, chestnut, ivory and redwood, to name a few. You can either transform the wood's appearance, or we can align your new wood with your original one through staining. You can opt for finishes ranging from low profile gleam to lustrous shine. Right from your interior furniture to your flooring, our woodwork elevates the look of your business property and helps increase the market value. 

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A Flawless Varnish

If you want a long-lasting wood component in your business properties, then varnishing the wood will be the right choice. Varnishing the wood not only helps protect the wooden surface but varnish also penetrates the wood to provide structural integrity. Our industry experts strip the wood of all the grime and sand it before varnishing. This helps make the varnishing process smoother, refines the wood and opens the pores to absorb the varnish effectively. We use varnish oil, resin and solvent to create the perfect varnish that enhances the look of the wooden component and increases its longevity. 

Stain And Varnish​


Polyshades provide rich color and lasting protection for the wood. We use Polyshades for a perfect one-step finish that completes the look of the sleek wood. 

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I had Joe do an entire character house needing TLC. Mudded, tapped and skim coated all the old walls. Turned out fantastic. He works independently, reliably, and will do long hours if necessary. Thanks Joe.

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I have hired Joe for several jobs - commercial and residential. He did a fantastic job every time! His prices were fair; he left everything clean and tidy. He was punctual and finished the jobs on time. No surprises. I would highly recommend him.

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